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Holy Listening

Via Zoom in any safe, outdoor space at your disposal - No Charge (FREE)

Do you know the importance of making time and space in our lives for prayer and solitude? It’s easier said than done, especially in a world that not only accepts but values;

1) Being busy - it disguises business as being “productive”,

2) Not slowing down or resting - which is perceived as laziness,

3) Not feeling - which is viewed as “weakness” or “too emotional”

4) Self - Well, to be blunt, we live in a world that is sooo obsessed with "self"; self care, higher self, self love, etc. that we don't leave room for what GOD wants. Most of us are constantly surrounded by so much worldly stimulation; coming from new age traditions, the world wide web & substances, that we leave no room to hear from our creator.

Let’s go against the grain and follow Jesus’ example in Matthew 14 instead! “After He had dismissed the crowds, He went up the mountain to pray.” Matthew 14:23.

Jesus Himself saw the importance of spending time alone, outside, in the presence of His father, praying and communing with His true source of direction, wisdom, peace & love. Since we are called to be like Him, let’s decide RIGHT NOW to dedicate time to cultivating our relationship with our Lord and savior and opening ourselves up to living the life we were created for! I’ve learned from experience that God speaks the loudest in silence.

Come as you are, on Saturday mornings for a time of Holy Listening! Dedicating this time to stillness, quiet, breathing, praying, listening and reflecting; allowing God to speak truth into our lives, grow us, heal us and equip us!

Though I will be there guiding us through prayer and meditation (Lectio Divina style), this is NOT a "group event", this is literally a time YOU are setting aside to meet with your savior. I am merely the facilitator of time.

So find a quiet outdoor space and show up! I will be streaming live from outdoors, you can tune in from wherever you are in the world too, just be sure to be outdoors if possible as well. No extra "stuff" needed, bring only yourself. Feel free to roll out a mat to move around on in case you feel discomfort remaining in a single position for an extended period of time. I will be recommending a few therapeutic postures before we start, that you are welcome to get into and play around with if you become uncomfortable at any time during your quiet time. A journal might also be useful if you have one, I like to write down what I feel God is saying to me at the end of my quiet time with Him so I can refer to it later. 

God is calling, will you answer? Remember, you're NOT coming for me at all; you are showing up to meet with Jesus! Like I said, I am just the facilitator of time.

WINTER Session begins on January 7th 2023

Email me to register & request the Zoom link --->


Serene Saturday's

75 to 90 minute in person (outdoors) sessions in Mariposa County at 9am

Allow me to take you on a blissful journey to help you tune into your mind & body through deep passive stretching, mindful breath work & nature therapy; utilizing a few helpful props and personalized guidance every step of the way. Enjoy this nurturing experience all in a soothing outdoor setting.

Who is this class for?
* Those who desire to feel deeply relaxed, grounded & peaceful.
* Those who desire to become more flexible & mobile.
* Those who desire to push beyond their mental limits and do deep work in their bodies, using professional guidance and their breath.
* Those who want to slow down a bit & practice weekly nurturing.
* Those who want to be pampered & are not afraid of being touched. Aromatherapy scalp, neck, and forehead massage are offered at the end of each class.
* Those who want to enjoy the warm, morning sunshine on their skin & get that necessary dose of Vitamin D! Sunblock is also recommended if you burn easily. 

What to bring:
* An exercise mat 
* A bolster, strap, blanket & sandbag. I have 2 extra sets for rent on a first come basis. These are $7 per set.
* Water (we've gotta stay hydrated)

* Class size limit is 7 students MAX. 
* Reserve your spot via email at: 
* Investment is $108 for the 6 class series (a $12 savings). $20 per class for drop ins when space is available.
* SPRING Session: 
April 1st, 22nd & 29th, May 6th, 13th & 20th 2023

NOTE: Please dress in layers. Sometimes, there can be a cool breeze in the morning.

For Funsies: Don't want the good times to end once the session is over? Hang out for a bit and fellowship over an organic post session smoothie bowl!!! Smoothie bowls are $10 and they cover the cost of the ingredients used to make the bowls (NOT for profit). Just let me know at time of booking that you'll be staying after to hang out and if you'd like chocolate or vanilla. 
For Funsies NOTE: Please let me know if you plan to hang out after for a smoothie so I can ask you a few questions about flavors/food allergies/etc. 💛


Private Nature Therapy Session

Outdoors In Nature (Mariposa County)

Be lead through a forest bathing (therapy), session by a CERTIFIED nature therapy guide. There are many people leading Shinrin Yoku/Nature Therapy sessions, who are not certified to guide. Always make sure that the person you are giving your trust to, is qualified to lead you in the service they are providing.

Shinrin meaning "forest" and Yoku meaning "bath" in Japanese is a Japanese practice known (scientifically) to reduce stress levels, help us think more clearly, restore vitality and bridge the gap between us and the natural world. 

I will open our time together by explain what Shinrin Yoku is and what it isn't (addressing some common misconceptions). Touching on its origins, scientific evidence proving its benefits and more. We will then slow down and drop into our surrounding with some grounding breathwork and a few gentle stretches, then dive into or Shinrin Yoku walk; allowing nature enter through our ears, eyes, nose, hands, feet & mouth (when possible).

Studies also show that people who spend regular, mindful time, unplugged in forests have lower heart rates, lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), lower blood pressure and higher parasympathetic nerve activity. Overall improving our physical and mental quality of life.

Please keep in mind, like all other therapies, Nature therapy is not a "one session, fix all" approach. It takes time for each person to process and navigate their own healing journey. HOWEVER, I can tell you that science shows benefits in as little as one session! I too can vouch for this from personal experience, you will certainly get a glimpse of this therapies life enhancing benefits after the very first session!

This 1 on 1 option is ideal for those who want the freedom to schedule their walks according to their availability.

Email me to to register --->


* $120 for a single session

* $360 for a 4 pack of sessions (that’s buy 3 sessions, get 1 FREE!)

Please not that it is best to be consistent with your therapy, so in order to encourage consistency, 4 packs expire after 8 weeks. 

Physical therapy on leg

Assisted Deep Stretching Sessions


Uncertain where to begin in making space in your body? Or maybe you are a seasoned "stretcher" but want a little more hands on attention to help you get deeper into your muscles, tendons and ligaments (safely)? This is the perfect service for you! Each session is interwoven with therapeutic breathwork and ended with a luxurious essential oil scalp, forehead & temple massage. 

You will leave each session feeling more pliable, and deeply relaxed.

Investment: $75 for a 50 minute session or purchase a 4 pack for $240 (that's $60 off).

Note: 4 packs expire after 8 weeks.


Soul Nourishing Day Retreats

Outdoors in Mariposa County.

Slip away from the hustle and bustle for a few hours of rest and relaxation.

You will be nourished from the inside out with this half day retreat in the foothills of the Sierras.

We will begin our day with a mini essential oil class, where you will learn how to make your very own blend for whatever your heart desires. I will personally guide you through the wonderful world of PLANTS! I will share which oils are good for sleep, anxiety, focus, weight-loss, and more. As well as possible contraindications, which oils to avoid in the sun, on children, on pets and more. Next up is a therapeutic deep stretching & breathwork class, followed immediately by a soul nourishing Shinrin Yoku session. After we feel like we are walking on a cloud, we will be nourish on the inside with a little sweet and salty. A delicious smoothie (3 flavors to choose from) and homemade, crispy roasted chickpeas. 

All of this for the price of a 1 hour massage!

Pamper yourself in the afternoon and show up for that Christmas party or holiday event in a peaceful & relaxed state of mind/body/soul.

Date: Saturday, January 14th 2023

Time: 10am - 1:30pm

Investment: $85 per person (early bird price)

What is included: 

* 1 hour hands on, therapeutic deep stretching & breathwork class

* Shinrin Yoku session

* Post stretch smoothie (3 flavors to choose from) & snack

* Essential oil mini class

* Essential oil blend

Space available for 7 participants 

Image by Trent Erwin

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